Star Wars EU Reviews Update


As many of you know who are following my blog I am going to be returning from hiatus on the 6th of January to continue posting reviews every Friday.
I have recently decided that although I shall be continuing to post content on the blog every Friday I will only be publishing reviews every other week rather than every week.
On the alternating weeks I shall be posting Supplemental pieces in which I discuss various in-universe and out-universe topics regarding Star Wars and my experiences with it.
One of the reasons I am doing this is so that I have more time to spend on collecting and reading EU material so I don’t have to rush my own enjoyment of the EU to get reviews out. That way my reviews will be of better quality and have more depth than a rushed haphazard product would.

My first Star Wars Supplemental will be published on Friday, January 13th. It’s titled Star Wars EU Reviews Supplemental: Which Order to View the Star Wars Films. I hope you enjoy the changes and may the Force be with you.


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