The Best Star Wars Youtube Channels


Youtube is an extremely diverse community that distributes all sorts of content to a wide range of viewers across the internet. Some of it can be brilliant and entertaining while some of it is just terrible and unimaginative. Some become overnight viral sensations while others reach hardly any audiences and are forgotten quickly if they are ever noticed at all. The content varies from vlogging, video game “let’s plays”, prank videos, top lists, reaction videos, and educational and informative clips.
Naturally Youtube has become a great haven for Star Wars fans to share there love of the franchise and bring their insights and knowledge to the Youtube community. So while Youtube in certain places can be a wretched hive of scum and villainy it is also a wonderful place to revel in our shared love of Star Wars and the universe it has opened to us fans for the past 40 years.
Today I am going to share a list of some of the best channels on Youtube for lovers of the galaxy far, far away.

1. The Official Star Wars Youtube Channel

This is an obvious one. Just like this is the place you want to go for the latest trailers and news regarding official licensed material in the Star Wars universe. The official Star Wars channel keeps all of us informed about what is happening with upcoming films, video games, and books being released. It’s also a great place during Star Wars Celebration as during this time dozens of videos will be uploaded per day with interviews and panels revealing the latest info about upcoming content.


2. Star Wars Explained

This is probably my favourite Youtube channel for being educated on the Expanded Universe lore. Formerly known as Star Wars Minute this channel has released hundreds of short videos thoroughly discussing characters, vehicles, species, object, and aspects to the Star Wars EU and Canon. It’s extremely informative and professionally done. Bear in mind, however, that many of the videos contain spoilers so watch them at your own risk.


3. Star Wars History

Star Wars History does exactly what Star Wars Explained does, but tends to release longer videos of less professional quality. The quality is still excellent though and when coupled with Star Wars Explained offers tons of variety for learning about Star Wars lore. I highly recommend both channels.


4. StarGeek

If you are like me you have a weakness for top 10 lists. Lists are a common thing among Youtube channels and StarGeek cures that fix perfectly. Unlike channels like Watch Mojo or Planet Dolan which present lists of a wide range of topics StarGeek is exclusively Star Wars related. And for us Star Wars fans that is just wonderful! Do you want Top Ten Saddest Moments in Star Wars? This guy has a video for it. Top Ten Lightsaber Duels? Got it. Top Top Star Wars Villains/Sith? This channel has you covered. It’s absolutely fantastic and I cannot recommend it enough. Check him out.


5. Nathan Butler

I owe this channel a tremendous debt because he is the man who single-handedly inspired me to create the Star Wars EU Reviews blog. Since 2013 I had planned on going through and collecting the entire Star Wars EU books, comics, games, etc. to experience for myself and I finally got around to it this year. However, I had no plans on reviewing them as I went along until I encountered Nathan P. Butler’s channel. Nathan is a podcaster and reviewer who has made some contributions himself to the EU lore in the Essential Star Wars Atlas. His channel features several videos where he reviews issue by issue the classic Marvel comics and some of the old books and home media releases of the films. I began watching his videos and was disappointed to find that he had not reviewed the entire content of the EU comics and novels so far. I was, however, so impressed with what he was doing that I began to conceive of a plan to review every part of the Star Wars EU on a blog myself. The concept eventually came to fruition and thus the blog you are reading now came to be born.
And Nathan Butler’s channel is a wonderful resource for becoming aware of the various Star Wars media available and I recommend him to collectors who are just starting to get into Star Wars.


I hope you enjoy all of these channels and may the Force be with you.


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